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China: Accelerating the Construction of ‘New Zero Carbon Industries’ System

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The basis of ‘New Zero Carbon Industries’ system is renewable energy system. China has abundant renewable energy resources, which can provide several times the needs of China's economy. The cost of wind power in North China and the cost of solar projects in Qinghai and other places are below 0.2 yuan / kWh, and the cost will reach 0.1 yuan / kWh in 2023. If China fully develops renewable energy and speeds up the construction of a new industrial system based on renewable energy, the products made in China will not only get a "green pass" to bypass carbon tariffs, but also have lower costs. The advantages of made in China will be highlighted.


China has the first mover advantage in the field of green technology, which helps to build a ‘New Zero Carbon Industries’ system. China has established a global leading green industry, especially in the fields of solar and wind power generation, energy storage and power batteries, electric vehicles, intelligent Internet of things, etc. China is the world's largest green economy and market, as well as one of the global green technology innovation centres. Coupled with green smart energy infrastructure, it will lead China to establish a new zero carbon industrial system.

The ‘New Zero Carbon Industries’ system will not only help China to gain a dominant position in the international cycle, but also greatly promote the domestic cycle, generating new development momentum and growth space. Low cost zero carbon energy system will effectively reduce the operating cost, and reduce the dependence on international fossil energy to ensure energy diversity and security. On this basis, the new industrial system will also have a stronger ability to resist risks. China's industrial system will be independent and secure in global geopolitics and take the initiative.

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