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Germany Deployed Over 500MW Solar Projects in January

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The rooftop solar segment has once again become the main growth driver of the German solar industry. For the first time, the long-term tariff (FIT) of solar system with a scale of less than 10 kW will be reduced to less than 0.08 euro / kWh.

Bundesnetzagentur, the German Federal Grid Regulator, reported that the newly registered installed capacity of solar system in January was 536 MW, slightly higher than the newly added capacity of 525 MW in December, but slightly lower than the newly installed capacity of 579 MW in January 2020.

Most of the newly added capacity in December, which is 493.3 MW, comes from solar systems with scales of no more than 750 kW. Among them, 406 MW capacity is from solar system under the national FIT plan, and 87.3 MW is the project selected through bidding but not enjoying the preferential price of fit. In addition, Bundesnetzagentur has registered 43 MW grid connected projects - which, though also through bidding, are eligible.

By the end of January, the cumulative capacity of all subsidized solar systems in Germany had reached 54.1 GW.

Starting today, the electricity price of solar system will drop by 1.4%. The FIT of roof system with capacity less than 10 kW will break the threshold of 0.08 euro / kWh for the first time and reach 0.0792 euro / kWh. The price level of PV units with capacity between 10-40 kW will be 0.077 euro / kWh.

The electricity price of 40-100 kW system will be 0.0604 euro / kWh from today. For projects with capacity of 40-750 kW, it will be 0.0544 euro / kWh. For other systems below 100 kW, the fixed FIT is 0.04 euro / kWh.

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