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Raytech Focuses on Brazil with 9GW Rooftop Solar Market in the Next Two Years

Release date:2021-01-06 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

"Due to financial problems of our competitors, Aldo became Brazil's largest PV product distributor this year. At present, our market share is about 35% to 36%." Pereira Teixeira, President of Aldo, told PV magazine.

Aldo currently focuses on the sales of residential, commercial, and industrial solar systems, and only 3% of the company's sales is from utility projects larger than 1MW. Projects with remote power consumption is the company’s priority. Pereira Teixeira added that rooftop projects in Brazil is still very optimistic. "Brazil has 89 million household electricity users and only 330,000 rooftop systems are installed and connected to the grid by the end of 2019; we have huge room for growth."

He said the COVID-19 crisis caused the market to fall sharply only in April and May, and after that, the market need has recovered to last year's level. "And in the fourth quarter, it was much higher than last year. Aldo's turnover will increase by 50% this year. "

In Brazil, the rooftop solar sector, which includes all solar projects up to 5MW, will grow by 50% in 2020 over 2019. "It is predicted that the market will reach 4.5 GW by the end of 2020," said the head of Aldo. "360,000 rooftop system will be installed, and 180,000 new systems have been added this year alone." "By 2021, the estimated growth should be at least another 4GW and 360,000 new rooftop systems. By 2022, we estimate that this will be another 5GW of installed capacity and another 400,000 new systems."


Raytech Bifacial Modules - Up to 25% Extra Power Generation from Rear Side

In 2021, Raytech will continue focusing on Brazil solar market to provide high-quality solar panels and 24/7 service to our local clients. Raytech Double-glass modules come with 12-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty (2 years and 5 years longer than industry's standard product / performance warranty respectively).

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