Technology Advantages

  • 01

    High Resistance to Micro Cracks

    Double-Glass symmetric structure is stabler with strong resistance to micro cracks, which guarantees the lifespan of core materials and extends the product life cycle.

  • 02

    Excellent Resistance to High Temperature and Humidity; Sandy Environment, and Salt Mist Environment

    The back material is glass (inorganic material), which ensures the modules will work efficiently and stably in harsh environment.

  • 03

    Outstanding Wind Loading, Snow Loading, and Hail Suppression

    Passed 5400Pa Snow Loading Test, 2400Pa Wind Loading Test, and 35mm 27.2m/s Hail Test.

  • 04

    Fireproofing Ability: Class-A Fireproof Rating

    Class A Fireproof Rating, Highly Safe and Reliable.

  • 05

    Higher Power Gain

    Double glass solar modules have better heat transmission ability, resulting in a lower working temperature. With same installation capacity, double glass modules will yield higher power gain.

  • 06

    Longer Power Output Warranty

    30-year power output warranty, annual degradation < 0.5%

  • 07

    Double-Glass Structure Perfectly Matches with Bifacial Cells

    Backside Glass has high transmittance, backside can generate up to 25% more power gain, effectively lowering the LCOE.

  • 08

    Tailored Transparency Module Design

    Flexible solar cells layout design can increase the transparency of modules, which satisfies different project application scenario needs including agriculture-solar, fishery-solar, forest-solar and greenhouse projects.

  • 09

    Flexible Installation Methods

    Raytech solar modules are compatible with multiple installation methods including clamping, lock-framing, flexible hook, rigid hook, gluing.

  • 10

    Low Carbon Emission, Environmental-Friendly

    Raytech solar modules have features in no pollution, no radiation, highly recyclable, matching with the philosophy of green energy development.

  • 11

    Replaceable Building Materials, Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer

    Raytech solar modules used in BIPV projects fully satisfy the building safety standards. The solar modules can be used as roof, curtain wall, sunshade, greenhouse and canopy materials.

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