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European Solar Market Outlook 2021 - 1

Release date:2021-01-19 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Looking back at the solar market in 2020, theCOVID-19 epidemic has affected the increase of global solar demand. However, the global market remains resilient, and the overall demand impact is less than expected. The annual demand is expected to reach 127GW. At the same time, more than 25 countries have clarified their expectations of zero carbon emissions in the next few decades. Carbon neutrality has become the consensus of major countries in the world, and the prospect of renewable energy represented by solar is promising.


The PPA market for large-scale ground projects in Germany is developing strongly, and distributed demand is expected to decline slightly. Germany's latest EEG energy bill cancels the upper limit of photovoltaic subsidies, breaking the original cumulative installed capacity of 52GW. Due to the strong development of competitive auction projects, public utilities will continue to expand in 2021-2022, mainly due to the 4GW brought by the Renewable Energy Law of 18 years, and the expected growth of large-scale projects driven by EEG will exceed 50%. The rise in residential photovoltaic numbers is mainly due to high electricity prices and low costs, and market demand may decline as subsidies decline.


The Dutch SDE+ policy supports the development of the incremental market for large-scale projects, and the reform of the net measurement policy after 2022 requires attention. The Dutch SDE+ subsidy policy has triggered a rise in photovoltaic installations in the past few years. As the upgraded version of SDE++ in 2020 is mainly aimed at subsidies for carbon emission reduction, this will accelerate the growth of photovoltaic installations after 2021.


Large-scale unsubsidized projects in Spain dominate market demand, and distributed incremental demand is not obvious. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020 and the massive injection of wind energy that will impact market electricity prices, the demand for photovoltaic installations in 2020 will be frustrated. However, in 2020, the Spanish government announced the resumption of the bidding plan, coupled with the expected increase of 4GW of public utility scale bidding in 2021, it is expected that the demand for installed capacity will rebound slightly in 21-22.

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