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Raytech Double Glass Modules and Agricultural Greenhouses Are More Matching

Release date:2021-01-17 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

The application of double glass modules in agriculture and animal husbandry is becoming more and more common, such as new fishing and light complementary projects, new agricultural greenhouses, etc. Because double glass modules can flexibly transmit light, power generation on the shed, and planting under the shed, land usage rate is doubled. Therefore, more and more farmers choose to add double glass modules to their agricultural greenhouses.

The environmental humidity in the greenhouses is generally above 60%, and it is easy to be cold and condensed on the surface of the steel structure and the membrane surface of the plastic greenhouse. This kind of high and low temperature natural environment corrodes the steel frame structure itself, and poses risks to the safe and stable operation of solar power components, wiring terminals, cables, cable trays, and junction boxes installed in the greenhouse, such as lowering the machine, compressing strength of the insulation layer of the equipment, the corrosion of conductive metal materials or circuit boards, the reduction of the service life, the short-circuit failure of electrical equipment, etc., especially solar modules. Solar powered greenhouses are unique in terms of temperature standards, sun exposure standards, environmental humidity standards, and the composition of the arched air. Therefore, while ensuring the output power of solar power modules, there are strict requirements for the selection of solar modules. Authoritative experts in the industry believe that when selecting parts for solar greenhouses, the attenuation coefficient rate must be the same and stable, and anti-PID modules must be used in high temperature, high and low temperature areas.


The overall planning of the double-glass module prevents water vapor corrosion, and is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a service life of up to 30 years; "frameless" is not easy to accumulate dust and dust, which reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance management Coefficient and cost: The plan of "glass-cells-glass" sandwich structure improves the anti-bumps effect and prevents the generation of cracks. The permeability coefficient of laminated glass is zero, and there is no metal frame, which avoids the generation of PID from the source. All this greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance management.

Raytech High-Transparency series offers perfect solution to greenhouse solar projects. It offers high-effieicny electricity conversion as well as transmittance of light. Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials is a leading brand in double glass solar panels, with more than ten years of manufacturing experience. Its double glass solar panels have won global qualification certifications such as TUV certification. The product quality is widely recognized by the market and is widely sold in 78 countries and regions around the world.

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