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What Is Hot Spot Effect of Solar Panels and How to Avoid It?

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It is believed that many have heard of the "hot spot effect" and its harms. Common data explain the hot spot effect as: under certain conditions, some cells in the solar system will be blocked by other objects around, causing local shadows, which will cause some of the blocked cells to heat up, resulting in the so-called "hot spot" phenomenon.

1. Causes of Hot Spots

Solar cell hot spot effect refers to when the solar panels are under the sunlight, because part of the module is blocked by shading and cannot work, which promotes the shaded part to increase the temperature far more than the unshaded part, resulting in a dark spot of burning due to excessive temperature, as shown below. Hot spots are likely to destroy all the solar cells and cause damages. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the nature of the hot spots, and then reduce the probability of hot spots. There are two key factors that cause hot spots-internal resistance and the dark tide of the solar panel itself.

2. Countermeasures to Prevent Hot Spot Effect

(1) Immediately cut the high grass and branches around the module, immediately remove the dust, gum, and other dirt on the surface of the module; ensure that there is no dirt on the surface of the modules;

(2) Effectively set the cleaning time of solar panels: avoid freezing and other conditions caused by low temperature;

(3) Try to avoid the impact of the module when handling the module, and it is forbidden to stand, sit, or lie on the module to prevent internal damage to the module.

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