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Strengthen the deployment of renewable energy, and Bangladesh has issued incentive schemes to promote the rapid growth of the market!

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Nasrul Hamid, Minister of mpemr of Bangladesh, said recently: "the government of Bangladesh has achieved 100% power coverage, so the main task of the country is to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted power supply to all at a reasonable price. The total installed capacity of the country has reached 25514mw, and each distribution company is making unremitting efforts to ensure uninterrupted power supply to 41.9 million power consumers."
According to the power department of Bangladesh, the government has built 619000 kilometers of power lines and 13017 kilometers of transmission lines across the country to ensure a stable power supply. Over the past 13 years, the government has provided power connections to 31.1 million new users and expanded 359000 kilometers of new distribution lines and 5213 kilometers of transmission lines. During this period, the installed capacity of the country has increased more than five times and has now reached 25514 MW.
According to the 2016 power system master plan (PSMP), Bangladesh aims to become a high-income country in 2041 and increase its power generation capacity to 60000mw. Nusrul also said that the government has been providing various incentives to expand the country's renewable energy installation,
"In the context of Bangladesh, photovoltaic is more promising than other renewable energy sources. However, the expansion of photovoltaic power generation system requires more land resources. Therefore, we are also looking for innovative solutions and will also broaden our vision to the development of roof photovoltaic and floating photovoltaic," he said.
"The Bangladeshi government hopes to increase the share of renewable power generation to 40% by 2050. Therefore, the power master plan is also being updated," nasrul said

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