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Gansu Remote Area Poverty-Alleviation Solar Project

Release date:2020-10-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Project: Gansu Remote Area Poverty-Alleviation Solar Project

Project Size: 20 MW

Location: Gansu, China

Project Description:

Our client selected Raytech products because comparing to single-glass modules, Raytech double-glass modules can effectively provide higher resistance to acid and extreme weather, higher strength to avoid microcracks during transportation, less product annual performance degradation, longer product performance guarantee.

Gansu Remote Area Poverty-Alleviation Solar Project

Our products, such as Double Glass Transparent Modules, Double Glass Bifacial Modules, break through the weaknesses of traditional photovoltaic modules, create efficient, safe, and high-performance photovoltaic products, and realize the fast and reliable installation of modules.

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