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Qingdao City Pingdu County Residential Sun Room Roof Project

Release date:2023-07-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

●Project Name: Qingdao Sun Room Roof Project

●Project Capacity: 41.92KW

●Project Location: Qingdao City Pingdu County

●Project Customer: County resident

●Project Module specifications: 40% Transmittance double glass solar panels

●Project time: April 2020


Project Description

The 41.92KW sun room of Mr. Zhou's shading series in Pingdu County, Qingdao City attracts the attention of villagers who come and go. The costumer Zhou Yuangui told reporters that the temperature in the house is too high due to the exposure of the yard in summer, and the local habit of covering the patio (the dialect of the yard) is added, and the yard is covered with a layer of film to shade the sun and rain. But the hood patio belongs to pure consumption and has no return. Through introduction, Mr. Zhou came into contact with PV power generation, regardless of shading or generating electricity to make money, Mr. Zhou moved his heart. After visiting Raytech Company, he strengthened his confidence, and the project uses 40% light transmittance output 145W double glass solar panels, which is expected to generate 56,031 kWh per year.

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