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Solar Greenhouses in France Generate 3.1 GWh of Electricity per Year

Release date:2021-08-06 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

In April 2017, French renewable energy developer Tenergie commissioned its first solar greenhouse based on Tenairlux's patented technology in Mallemort in the Boucheres-du-Rh?ne region of southern France. The project is made of 265W solar panels with an installed power of 2.1MW.

"This 33,000 sqr meter greenhouse has been built for more than four years and the feedback has been pretty good. This year marks the first year of growing Prosper green asparagus, with production reaching 4 tonnes/ha. In the first three years, zucchini, radishes, and sweet potatoes were grown to produce green electricity of 3.1 GWh, equivalent to 700 households without heating," the company wrote in a detailed report. Agricultural production of the greenhouse is expected to increase to 9 tons/ha by 2022.

Among the advantages of this greenhouse concept, the installation of solar modules can effectively reduce the area of ground shadow (36% of the ground shadow rate of photovoltaic greenhouses, compared with 52% of traditional greenhouses). Through polycarbonate filtering and diffusion, the light is better utilized, greatly improving the uniformity of the ground light. Depending on the indoor climate and outdoor weather constraints, the climate can be precisely controlled by ventilation through the roof opening system and the full-sided electric opening.

Tenergie hopes to develop about 30 such greenhouses within three years. About ten projects are currently in the development phase. The company is also working with other possible synergies in the agricultural sector, particularly to anaerobic digestion.

To date, 75 percent of the solar power plants operated by Tenergie have been related to agriculture, such as roof modifications in greenhouses or agricultural buildings. In France, Tenergie owns and operates more than 1,000 solar and wind farms with an installed capacity of 615MW.

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