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Four Reasons Why Industrial Rooftop Solar System Worth Installing

Release date:2020-12-28 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

1.      Stabilized cash flow and improved enterprise income

Many owners still don't realize that the unused large-scale roofs are precious resources, particularly for the roofs of manufacturing enterprises. If the PV power station is installed on this kind of roof, although the initial capital investment of the enterprise will be bigger, the stable cash flow generation capability will be improved, and the economic benefit of the enterprise will be stronger and stronger.

Enterprises consume a lot of electricity, and the electricity charge is high. After installing solar power generation, enterprises can buy their own electricity spontaneously, and the rest of the electricity will go to the grid for selling.

2.      Save the highest value of electricity, surplus electricity will be sold online

Especially for high energy consumption production enterprises, the installation of photovoltaic power station can save a lot of electricity expenses, not only cost-effective, but also generate cash. For the manufacturing enterprises, the rate of return of solar power generation is much higher than that of many traditional manufacturing enterprises, which is very worthy for investing.

3.      Promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, resulting in good social and economic benefits

Every local government will issue energy-saving and consumption reduction index values to production enterprises, and some high-energy consumption enterprises can't do it, so they must accept huge penalties. The installation of photovoltaic power station can save energy and reduce energy consumption. There is no regional limit. Only a set of solar power generation system software must be installed on the limited roof to achieve the overall goal of saving energy and reducing consumption. No noise, no radiation, no pollution and other advantages, solar power has become the preferred equipment for medium-sized and large enterprises.

4.      Heat insulation and antifreeze to improve the comfort of natural environment

Many production enterprises have factories with colored steel tile roof or Chende layer, come to the heat must be huge cooling costs. Solar panels have the function of heat insulation. After laying solar modules under the roof, it can reasonably reduce the temperature of the industrial plant under the building. It can make the workers under the building more comfortable, and the production line equipment can also operate stably, indirectly reducing the cost of central air conditioning, cooling fan and ice cooling.

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in “PV Modules Manufacturing and System Integration” and “Smart Panel Materials Manufacturing”. The company has independent product R&D teams, national key laboratory and 1.2GW full-automatic manufacturing line. Raytech’s production scale, product range and manufacturing standards are on a leading position in the industry. Raytech solar modules are perfect products for industrial rooftop solar products. Raytech will continuously provide high transparency solar modules, double glass solar modules, and bifacial modules to support the local development of solar energy industry.

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