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Introduction to TOPCon Solar Cells

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Compared with P-type crystalline silicon cells, N-type crystalline silicon cells have higher life, no LID, good low-light effect, and small temperature coefficient, which is the best option of silicon solar cell towards the highest efficiency of the theory.

TOPCon is a tunnel oxide passivated contact solar cell technology based on the principle of selective carriers, whose structure is N-type silicon substrate cells, prepares an ultra-thin layer of silicon oxide on the back of the cells, and then deposits a thin layer of doped silicon, which together form a passivation contact structure, effectively reduces surface composite and metal contact compounding, and provides more space for N-PERT battery conversion efficiency.

The concept of TOPCon cells was developed in 2013 by the Fraunhofer-ISE Institute for Solar Systems in Germany. TOPCon front and conventional N-type solar cells or N-PERT solar cells are not essentially different, the battery core technology is the back passivation contact, the back of the silicon wafer by a layer of ultra-thin silicon oxide (1 to 2nm) and a layer of phosphorus-doped microcrystalline amorphous mixed Si film. Passivation is activated by the annealing process, in which the Si film becomes crystalline and changes from a microcrystalline amorphous mixing phase to polycrystalline. The current N-type pre-passivation contact solar cell world record (25.8%) is maintained by the Fraunhofer-ISE Institute.

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