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Household Solar System FAQ

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Many household solar system users ask, if there is no sun in winter, can solar panels still generate electricity? Can solar panels generate electricity after heavy snow weather?

1. After installation, if there is continuous rain or haze, will the photovoltaic power generation system still work? Will there be a shortage of electricity or a blackout if there is no power generation?

Solar modules can generate electricity under weak light, but due to continuous rain or fog haze weather, the solar radiation will be low, if the working voltage of the photovoltaic system cannot reach the starting voltage of the inverter, the system will not work, the grid connected power generation system and the distribution network are running in parallel, when the photovoltaic system cannot meet the load demand and does not work, the power grid will not work. There will be no shortage of power and power cut.

2. Is there a shortage of electricity in cold winter?

The power generation of solar system is indeed affected. The factors that directly affect the power generation are the radiation intensity, sunshine duration, and the working temperature of solar modules. It is inevitable that the radiation intensity will be weak in winter, the sunshine duration will be short, and the general power generation will be less than that in summer. This is also a very normal phenomenon. A rooftop solar project is connected to the power grid, so if the power grid has power, there will be no power shortage and power shortage because the grid will give power to the household system.

3. Will the snow bend solar panels and affect the solar module efficiency?

All solar panels will go through the load test before leaving the factory. Generally, the snow is not easy to get thick, and it is difficult to crush the power station. Before leaving the factory, solar panels will undergo stability test to evaluate the durability and quality level. The higher the mechanical loading is, the better your panel can bear the weight of snow. Most of the modules are installed with a certain skew angle of view, and the snow will slide off automatically, especially Raytech double glass solar modules with frameless design, which will make the snow fall off automatically, although it must wait for a period. If clients are in a hurry to use electricity, the client can also clean the snow.

4. Cold wave comes again, the weather is too cold, can the power station generate electricity?

Ultra-low temperature and sufficient light are beneficial to the power generation of solar modules. If the modules are not covered by snow, winter is good for generating electricity. Like most electronic devices, solar panels are more efficient in cold conditions than in hot conditions, and they can flexibly use every hour to generate electricity in the relatively short time of winter and daytime. In winter, the mutual variation law of the power generation quality of the solar power station is less, so there is no need to worry. It is a normal condition, because the sunshine length in winter is reduced. But because of the low average temperature in winter, it is beneficial to solar power generation and has a very good maintenance effect on the service life.

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