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Are Aluminum Frames a Must for Double-glass Solar Modules?

Release date:2020-12-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-


Raytech Double Glass Modules with Framed / Frameless Design

The debate about whether double glass solar modules should have frames is a hot topic for all double glass solar modules manufacturers. Different engineering firms, EPCs, investors and owners have different requirements about frames.

Double glass solar panel has become the development trend of solar industry. Compared with single glass PV modules, double glass PV modules have many advantages. One of the advantages is: it is not a must to add aluminum frames for double glass modules because two layers of glasses are already strong enough.

If the clients put cost saving as the highest priority, two pieces of tempered glass to fix the solar cells as a sandwich structure already guarantee a strong mechanical performance without using aluminum frames. However, if our clients consider from aspects of highest product safety with zero risk, frames are suggested to add becuase one functions of the aluminum frame is to protect the solar panel during transportation and installation.

At present, clients with large size (72-layout) double glass modules are more willing to order products with aluminum frames, while not so many 60-layout product clients have passion to add frames. Comparing Raytech double-glass to conventional single-glass modules, Raytech double-glass module’s frames have thin-layer design and thus more cost-effective.

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