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Intersolar Newsletter |Raytech debuts at the International Solar Expo in Munich, Germany

Release date:2023-07-10 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

From June 14th to 16th, the three-day Intersolar Europe grandly opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich. The Intersolar Munich has a history of more than 20 years and has gathered many well-known companies in the industry. The scale of this year is the highest in the past years. The number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 1,600, of which the number of Chinese exhibitors was 339 (233 in 2022).


Raytech showed a variety of best-selling products, and the booth was full of visitors, visiting and negotiating customers.


The products exhibited by Raytech mainly include: 45% light-transmitting double-glass  solar panelss, all-black double-glass  solar panelss, Topcon white grid double-glass  solar panelss, outdoor emergency energy packs, etc. 


 It is well known that Germany is one of the most agriculturally developed countries in the world.Agrivoltaics offers major potential for the energy transition in Germany. For Germany to be able to achieve its climate targets, land must be made available for the expansion of solar power and innovative plans must be developed. In addition to Floating- plants on lakes, agrivoltaics (“Agri-”) offers major potential for expansion. Fraunhofer ISE assumes a technical potential of up to 2,900 gigawatts (GWp) in Germany. Agri- is the simultaneous use of land for electricity generation and food production or animal husbandry with potential synergies between these different uses. That applies in particular when solar solar panelss protect crops from excessive sunlight or hail, possibly even allowing for crop yields to be increased. At some plants it is also possible to collect rainwater from the  solar panelss and use it for irrigation. Photovoltaic development is consistent with the goals of agriculture and nature protection, and there is a great demand for agricultural photovoltaic solutions. At the same time, many EU countries also plan to introduce a combination of  cows and sheep in their investment portfolios. Raytech light-transmitting double-glass  solar panels, having good resistance to high temperature and high humidity , excellent heat dissipation and other characteristics, can not only realize  power generation, but also meet the photosynthesis required by plants. Moreover, various light transmittances  solar panelss can be customized from 10%- 55% which can meet the agricultural-light complementary scenarios with different light transmittance requirements, and perfectly match the agricultural-light complementary solutions. At the same time, the double-glass light-transmitting  solar panels are also widely used in European customers' carports and sun roof projects, and are well received by customers.


Raytech all-black double-glass  is also eye-catching. It has high-efficiency, high-reliability performance, and high-standard appearance design. It matches various building roofs and is becoming the new favorite of the distributed roofs.

(All black series components site pictures, European roof project pictures, TOPCON components)



In addition, Raytech also exhibited a series of portable emergency charging products. The circular handle design conforms to ergonomics, and the handle part is treated with rubber coating, which makes it feel comfortable. High-efficiency battery, folding design, portable and convenient. At the same time, it is equipped with an adjustable bracket, and through angle adjustment, it can absorb sunlight to the greatest extent to achieve the best power generation effect. The whole set of portable emergency charging pack has attracted many customers to stop and consult with its advantages of clean power, no noise, mobile portability, plug and play, intelligent control, multiple charging methods, multiple output ports, and safety and reliability.



Raytech will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "centering on user’s value and oriented to win-win cooperation", continue to give full play to Raytech’s innovative research and development capabilities in market segments, and bring more efficient and better quality products to global customers. Welcome new and old customers to visit Raytech booth A1-630A to explore the development of green energy and create a new low-carbon future!





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