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Meet in Brazil | Raytech at the Sao Paulo Solar PV Exhibition

Release date:2023-09-03 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

On August 29th local time, the three-day InterSolar South America exhibition in  Sao Paulo, Brazil opened at the Brazil S ? o Paulo North Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 350 exhibitors and over 4000 visitors from around the world participated in this grand event. This exhibition provides an important communication platform for the solar photovoltaic industry, promoting cooperation in photovoltaic business, promoting the development of renewable energy, and promoting sustainable energy transformation in Brazil and South America.

Raytech has made its debut with multiple best-selling products, attracting a constant stream of visitors in front of the booth, attracting numerous professional visitors to stop and have friendly exchanges. The component products have advantages such as high power and low loss, making Raytech products widely praised.

The exhibits exhibited by Reytech at this exhibition mainly include: 45% transparent double glass components, Topcon grid double glass components, color BIPV series products, single glass components, etc.

Let's take a look at the lively exhibition scene together.





As is well known, most regions of Brazil have a tropical climate and abundant lighting resources. However, due to the frequent high temperature and rainy weather, the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity places stricter requirements on the reliability of power station equipment. Raytech transparent double glass component, resistant to high temperature and humidity, excellent heat dissipation performance, and strong waterproof, fireproof, wind and sand resistant capabilities; Customizable multiple transmittance (10% -55%) can meet the huge demand for agricultural photovoltaic power plant applications in Brazil. At the same time, double glass transmittance modules are widely used in customer sheds and sunny roof projects in the South American market, and are widely praised by customers.


Brazil is a country with abundant solar energy resources. In recent years, the Brazilian government has strongly supported the development of photovoltaic power generation, providing a good policy environment for Brazilian photovoltaic power generation. The development prospects of photovoltaic power generation in Brazil are very broad. Raytech combines local actual conditions and market demand with TOPCON  grid double glass components, which are widely used in large-scale power plant projects such as ground power plants and water surfaces. Ensure safe, efficient, and stable power generation output of components in harsh environments. This reduces the power generation loss of the components and improves power generation efficiency. Providing efficient products and high-quality services to customers has earned a good reputation locally.


In the future, Raytech will continue to focus on product innovation and technological research and development, with a corporate philosophy of "centered on user value and guided by win-win cooperation". We will provide high-quality photovoltaic module products to the world, assist in the green and low-carbon transformation and development of global regions, and shine the light of green energy around the world. This exhibition will continue until August 31st local time. New and old customers are welcome to visit and guide Ningbo Ruiyuan Tianke G7.141 booth. Have a photovoltaic appointment with Raytech in the "hot" Brazil.

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