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FAQs about Solar Panels in Snowy Weather

Release date:2021-01-25 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

FAQs about Solar Panels in Snowy Weather 


Q: Why is there different amount of snow for solar modules in the same project?

A: when it snows, the wind carries snow. Usually, the dust distribution on the module panel is different, which may cause this situation.


Q: The inverter monitoring shows that there is power in one way and no power in the other. What is the reason? What are the possible reasons causing this problem?

A: It might be caused by virtual connection or inverter internal circuit. Two groups of DC lines can be replaced. If there is still a problem with this group of lines, check the string of this group of lines. If it can't be solved on site, you can contact the after-sales department directly.


Q: What is the impact on the whole system when a photovoltaic system board is blocked?

A: the most direct impact is to reduce the power generation of the whole system.

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