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How to Lower the Hidden Cost of Solar Power Generation?

Release date:2021-01-19 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

What is the biggest hidden cost of solar power station?

Solar power generation capacity fluctuates greatly in different weathers, the efficiency of power generation is greatly reduced in rainy days, and it can hardly generate power at night. Therefore, authorities all over the world have required that new energy power stations must be equipped with energy storage equipment, which can maintain stability. This constitutes the biggest hidden cost of photovoltaic power plants.

Why do solar power plants bear the grid-connection cost?

Another hidden cost of photovoltaic power station is the cost of access or grid connection, that is, the cost of transmission equipment from the power station to the grid. From the perspective of traditional power plants, power grid enterprises are generally responsible for access. However, a person in the industry told reporters that photovoltaic power stations generally bear their own access costs. Industry insiders said: "we need to wait for the power grid to be built. It will certainly take time for the power grid to be built from planning to completion, and not every power station can enter the planning of the power grid, so most of the time we have to build our own power grid first."

Access equipment mainly includes transmission lines and booster stations, and the cost mainly depends on the location of photovoltaic power station. Some photovoltaic power stations are far away from the main power grid, so it is necessary to build all kinds of booster stations one by one, and the cost will be relatively high. Industry insiders said: "the cost of grid connection accounts for about 5% of the construction of the power station, 3% - 10% of the cost. According to the site selection and other conditions of the power station, it is different. Some lines are very long and the voltage level is very high, which should be considered. There are also very low, 1% of the cost, and the location is very good, most of them are about 5%.

How to lower the hidden cost?

In addition to the massive production effect brought by technological progress and the increase of solar projects, the more effective way to reduce the access cost is to strengthen the coordination between solar enterprises and power grid operators. We should increase mutual integration among enterprises, establish energy internet. Through new technologies, we can finally integrate to increase the proportion of clean energy.

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