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Discussion on Bifacial Solar Modules at the 2021 European Solar Investment and Financing Conference

Release date:2021-02-23 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

The number of projects using bifacial solar modules continues to grow, and the power generation of bifacial modules is also outstanding. Now, most developers will at least make a forecast for adding bifacial panels to their projects. Many companies mentioned the remarkable growth in this field in the conference.

However, considering the complex performance of bifacial modules and the expected gain of the back of the panels, the existing standard O&M contract may not be in the best interests of the developer. As we have heard, simulating the gain of bifacial panels is an intensive process. In addition to the selection and correction of tilt angle and tracker, there are also many problems of moving parts and the expected reflectivity of the surface.

Chris Buckland of Lightsource BP points out that Lightsource BP prefers to use turf as ground material. However, if we want to use turf, the last thing we need is the O&M subcontractor to change the lower surface, which will damage the overall performance of the site.

Therefore, in the future, O&M contracts need to be signed to reflect the careful consideration of component utilization.

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