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Macquarie Australia Will Develop 8GW Solar Projects in Europe

Release date:2021-02-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Green Investment Group (GIG), part of Australian Venture Capital Macquarie, launched Cero Generation, a specialized solar company that will operate in Europe.

The independent GIG shareholder, will build an 8 GW solar portfolio in 150 projects in the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, and the Netherlands.

According to GIG, Cero's professional team consists of more than 40 energy experts who work with local partners to bring "world-class industrial, commercial and technical knowledge" to the company's projects and customers.

Cero specializes in ground installations and commercial solar power projects and is also a supplier of integrated energy storage solutions. It is said that the company's work runs through all phases of the project life cycle from development to construction and operation.

In North America and Asia Pacific, GIG operates as a solar project developer through Savion LLC and Blueleaf Energy respectively, and works with Cero to drive the global portfolio of solar projects larger than 20GW.

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