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Eupd research: energy prices make the photovoltaic market “hot“ and about one-third of household users plan to install it

Release date:2022-03-22 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
According to a research report recently released by eupd research, people's work and life are affected by the current rise in energy prices. More than two-thirds of the 500 German household users surveyed said rising energy prices would prompt them to take concrete action. In addition to reducing energy consumption, about one third of households consider purchasing or installing photovoltaic systems. Due to high energy prices, a quarter of respondents believe that buying electric vehicles is a reasonable choice. Home users who have explored all the energy-saving potential believe that there is no need to take action. These are the findings of eupd research's recent research in the context of this year's energy transformation of energy suppliers.
According to the company's survey of 500 German household users, slightly more than half of respondents mostly think that energy prices will continue to rise when they refuel their cars. In addition, a quarter of respondents believe that there is a close link between the rise in energy prices and the overall rise in consumer goods prices. For 12%, 7% and 4% of respondents, the rise in energy prices was reflected in their natural gas, electricity or oil bills, respectively.
Further surveys show that two-thirds of household users have taken specific actions due to rising energy prices. Their main action is to save energy and reduce consumption in order to save costs. About half of the respondents intend to optimize their energy consumption, such as buying more efficient electrical equipment as a measure to reduce energy consumption. About 41% and 38% of respondents said they would consider changing power and oil / gas suppliers, respectively. In order to minimize the use of external power supply and reduce energy costs, 36% of respondents plan to install photovoltaic systems to achieve self consumption of photovoltaic power generation. Two other measures specifically aimed at rising energy prices are that a quarter of households each plan to change their heating system or switch to electric vehicles.
Among the 500 home users interviewed, one third of the respondents believed that no specific action was needed for different reasons: half of these respondents believed that they had exhausted their energy-saving potential. About 31% of respondents said that they would start to consider adopting the industry only after fuel vehicles or fuel heating were banned. More than a quarter of respondents said they were waiting for more attractive funds, while one in five said they lacked knowledge about energy conservation or producing their own energy. Only a relatively small number of respondents (9%) said that rising energy costs had little impact on them. These actions of household users show that energy costs are usually highly correlated.
Commenting on these results, Dr. Martin Ammon, executive partner of eupd research, said, "Due to the rising energy costs, household users are paying more and more attention to energy costs. Our recent market research results show that people have obvious sensitivity to energy prices. The willingness to take measures to deal with the rise of energy prices or meet energy demand is obviously positive. The rise of energy prices has accelerated the development of photovoltaic industry or electric vehicle industry."

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