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Deploy 2.5gw roof photovoltaic within 5 years! Delhi government of India sets photovoltaic power generation targets

Release date:2022-03-30 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
The government of Delhi, the capital of India, now recognizes the potential of renewable energy. In the annual budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 submitted by Manish sisodia, finance minister of Delhi, it has been recognized that the green energy industry can provide more employment opportunities.
Delhi needs to take the lead in the green initiative if the capital is to be one of the richest population base and the highest consumption centers, but so far it has not played such a role, and that is changing.
The Delhi government recently announced that it plans to install 2.5gw photovoltaic system and add it to its energy structure in the next five years. This will create 40000 jobs required for installation, maintenance and marketing. This move comes at the right time because the central government of India also plans to add 4gw roof photovoltaic system in its latest housing industry forecast and plan.
In terms of electric vehicles, Delhi is the largest buyer in India and has taken the lead in the country in terms of electric vehicle registration. Sisodia said that the market share of electric vehicles in Delhi has increased from 1.2% from 2019 to 2020 to 10% in February 2022. Its annual budget provides 20000 jobs for the industry, mainly the operation, maintenance and operation of electric vehicles and related infrastructure (such as electric vehicle charging stations).
According to the budget, 4200 electric vehicles will be registered in Delhi this year and 5000 licenses will be issued every year in the next five years, which will add 25000 electric vehicles to Delhi and create more jobs.
However, it is reported that Delhi has a very poor record in roof photovoltaic increase or overall photovoltaic increase, reaching only 10% of its 27GW target by this year. So in fact, the Delhi government seems to have finally achieved the goal of five years later than originally planned in this year's budget. Considering the high cost and low availability of land, roof photovoltaic system must dominate its photovoltaic market.
Despite the new goals, the Delhi government needs to achieve greater success in the second green initiative.

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