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SunPower and first solar cooperate to develop new residential solar modules

Release date:2022-04-05 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
Recently, SunPower and first solar jointly developed thin film / crystalline silicon laminated cells and modules, which is a new residential solar module.
SunPower is a photovoltaic company integrating the development, design, production and sales of efficient and reliable solar cells, modules and systems. Peter faricy, CEO, chairman and President of SunPower, announced that the company and first solar are carrying out a new cooperation of "series technology", which combines first solar's thin-film semiconductor design with crystalline silicon. This stacked series solar module can be supplied to customers as soon as 18 months.
It is reported that this design is different from traditional silicon or thin film modules. It uses two different photovoltaic absorbing materials to obtain more energy.
"This will be the most complex commercial solar technology available to residential customers and will greatly improve the efficiency and aesthetics of photovoltaic modules," SunPower said. “
SunPower has ambitious plans in the residential market and recently sold its commercial and industrial solutions (CIS) business to SunPower's main owner, totalenergies. Last November, SunPower hinted that it would withdraw from the commercial sector and enter the residential market more deeply. In February this year, the company signed a final agreement with totalenergies, confirming that SunPower will bet on the residential area.
"This sale enables SunPower to focus on creating an excellent residential photovoltaic experience, increase our investment in product and digital innovation, and reach more owners," said Peter faricy, SunPower's CEO.
Nate Coleman, the company's chief product officer, pointed out that the launch of diversified panel products will help first solar reach more residential customers. He said that the company plans to let photovoltaic enter 100 million or more families, and maintain the company's market leader position with the help of new products. Coleman said, "we will spend about six quarters to gain the same market share in the mainstream market as the high-end market we currently have."

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