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How Many Years Can Raytech PV Modules Last?

Release date:2021-01-03 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

As the core equipment of solar power generation system, the quality of solar modules should be paid more attention to, and whether solar modules can achieve the expected service life is often questioned. Today, solar systems can substantially enter the market with no subsidy to compete with other energy sources such as coal or gas. 

At present, most manufacturers provide two types of warranty for photovoltaic modules delivered for use: one is limited product warranty, most of which are for 10 years (Raytech offers 12 years warranty, 2 years longer than standard warranty), and the scope of warranty is dependent on module design, material or process; the other is limited electrical performance, i.e. performance warranty, which is usually 25 In order to improve the competitiveness of products. Raytech will provide 5 more years of performance warranty, which is 30-year warranty on Raytech double glass solar modules.

On the whole, in terms of R&D, there are two imbalances in the technology research of PV industry. One is that the research of reliability lags behind the research of single equipment efficiency improvement; the other is that the research level of system application technology lags behind solar modules. In addition, we need to remind that in the past two years, we have overemphasized the reduction of initial installation cost, but we have not paid enough attention to the later operation and maintenance cost increase or performance loss caused by insufficient reliability.

As the core equipment of photovoltaic power station, solar module should operate safely and reliably for a long time, which is the basis to ensure the expected benefits of the power station.

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in “PV Modules Manufacturing and System Integration” and “Smart Panel Materials Manufacturing”. The company has independent product R&D teams, national key laboratory and 1.2GW full-automatic manufacturing line. Raytech Double-glass modules come with 12-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty (2 years and 5 years longer than industry's standard product / performance warranty respectively).

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