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Sichuan Province Luzhou City Residential Sun Room Roof Project

Release date:2023-07-24 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

● Project Name: Sichuan Photovoltaic Sun Room


● Products used: Raytech 10% light transmission components


● Fully consider the light transmittance of the sun room, and now the double glass light transmission components selected on the roof of the sun room customers are mostly installed for installation. Double glass module, that is, two-sided laminated glass crystalline silicon solar cell module, as a new building decoration material, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light transmittance controllability, environmental protection and energy saving power generation. It can not only clean the engineering building, but also protect from the wind and rain. The key application is in pavilions, sun rooms, laminated glass engineering building canopies, curtain wall glass. Because it involves the installation problem of photoelectric glass and engineering and building integration, the installation of double glass components has relatively higher regulations for professionals, not only must have technical expertise in photoelectric glass control system design, but also stipulates that designers have a high level of architectural planning and design.

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