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Shandong Qingdao Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station

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Project Name: Shandong Qingdao Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station

·Project scale: 5MW

·Product used: Raytech polycrystalline double glass module
·Our company mainly engages in the cultivation of Laoshan tea. We have seen online that this model of power generation in the greenhouse and planting under the greenhouse greatly improves efficiency, so we found Ruiyuan Tianke. Photovoltaic tea is cultivated, grown, and harvested in a photovoltaic greenhouse. The photovoltaic greenhouse perfectly combines solar power generation with physical agriculture planting, providing a high-quality and controllable growth environment for the breeding and planting of tea. It can not only allow a small amount of sunlight to shine on the tea tree, but also block strong sunlight from the tea tree. In this mild environment, the growth cycle of tea leaves is shortened, while tea leaves that are not directly exposed to strong sunlight appear very tender green. Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses are equipped with double glass modules, which can flexibly adjust light transmittance. It is said that mushrooms can also be grown and farmed, and there are many application scenarios.

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