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Tianjin Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station

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Project Name: Tianjin Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station


·Project scale: 18MW


·Product used: Raytech single crystal double glass module


·The person in charge of an agricultural park in Tianjin told us that a photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse is a greenhouse that integrates solar photovoltaic power generation, intelligent temperature control systems, and modern high-tech planting. It is mainly used for planting Cash crop such as vegetable seedlings requiring strong light. The power generated by solar photovoltaic can support the irrigation system of greenhouses, supplement plants with light, solve the winter heating needs of greenhouses, increase greenhouse temperatures, and promote rapid crop growth. The use of Ruiyuan Tianke double glass components has a high power generation capacity, and the adhesive roof does not have to worry about water leakage at all. Their installation and after-sales service are very professional.

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