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Museum of Ancient Soccer Culture On-Grid Solar Project

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Project: Museum of Ancient Soccer Culture On-Grid Solar Project

Project Size: 556.83 KW

Location:  Zibo, China

Customer: ST New Energy

Project Description

The commercial solar system uses the roof of Ancient Soccer Culture Museum and Qi Culture Museum in Zibo. The project has a designed installed capacity of 556.83kW, occupying the roof area of about 7000 square meters, installing more than 2000 pieces of Raytech double-glass modules.

Raytech helps in preliminary designing of the solar system, which has the requirement of providing enough electricity to meet daily electricity consumption of the museum. The excessive power generated will be uploaded to the National Grid for cash returns. It is calculated that the annual power generation is 680,000 kWh and the annual income from electricity is more than 134,280 USD. This project helps to save resources equivalent to 258 tons of coal and 566 tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The local community of Zibo has been looking to support further sustainable energy development and reduce carbon footprints at largest extent. Raytech will continue working closely with our customers to deliver more solar projects for local support.

Solar Project

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