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Floating photovoltaic has been “reborn“ and the German Federal Senate has approved the cancellation of area restrictions

Release date:2022-05-25 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
The Bundesrat, which represents 16 federal states, has approved the lifting of the 15% area limit for floating photovoltaic power plants on artificial lakes in a draft law.
A restriction in the draft law stipulates that floating photovoltaic power plants shall not occupy more than 15% of the surface of artificial lakes, such as quarries and ponds. The Ministry of environment, climate and energy in Baden Wuerttemberg said on Monday that the proposal to abolish the restriction came from North Rhine Westphalia and was supported by most states.
Theklawalker, Baden wuertember's environment and energy minister, said the potential of floating photovoltaic systems must be better developed because they provide the advantage of regional energy conversion without competing with wind turbines or ground mounted solar power plants.
Baden wuertenberg said that in order to achieve the renewable energy goals set by the federal government, solar power generation capacity must be expanded on a large scale, not only in the construction field, but also on the ground. The planned 15% area limit has raised concerns that the existing expansion potential of floating photovoltaic will not be fully utilized.
However, Baden wuertemberg supports the limitation in the plan that floating photovoltaic systems can only be installed on artificial lakes or significantly modified water bodies (such as quarry ponds) to prevent negative ecological impacts.

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