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Investment of about 600million US dollars! Et solar 5GW silicon wafer project signed in Vietnam

Release date:2022-06-05 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

On May 19, the signing ceremony of ET solar 5GW silicon wafer project was held at the government of Vietnam's Taiping province. The total investment of the silicon wafer project is about US $600million. The phase I 2gw capacity is planned to be put into operation in March 2023.
It is worth mentioning that this silicon wafer project is also the second deep cultivation and layout of ET solar in Vietnam. This time, the manufacturing capacity is extended to the upstream silicon wafer end, which helps the company realize the vertical integration of the photovoltaic industry chain, improve the response to supply chain fluctuations, and meet the rapidly growing global photovoltaic installation demand.

After the project is put into operation, et solar will have 5GW silicon wafer, 7gw battery and 3gw component capacity in Southeast Asia. This investment will also help the company cope with trade policy frictions, improve its overseas market supply capacity and increase its global market share

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