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EU announces new plan: install 600gw by 2030! The export of domestic photovoltaic products may accelerate

Release date:2022-05-22 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
Recently, the EU announced an energy plan called "repowereu", which involves a capital scale of up to 210 billion euros (about 221 billion US dollars) in the next five years. It mentioned the establishment of a special EU solar energy strategy to double the solar photovoltaic power generation capacity by 2025 and install 600gw by 2030.
The export of photovoltaic products will accelerate
"The domestic photovoltaic industry has a price advantage, so without considering other geopolitics, the energy plan is good news for the overseas output of the domestic photovoltaic industry." An Guangyong, an expert member of the Credit Committee of the all union mergers and acquisitions Association, told the Securities Daily.
According to pvinfolink data, China's photovoltaic module exports in the first quarter of this year were 9.6gw, 14.0gw and 13.6gw respectively, with a total of 37.2gw, a year-on-year increase of 112%; Among them, driven by the "double carbon" goal, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has accelerated the process of traditional energy substitution. Europe imported 16.7gw of photovoltaic modules from China in the first quarter, up 145% from 6.8gw last year.
Qufang expects that in 2021, the installed capacity of PV in Europe will be close to 30GW, accounting for about 18% of the world, including 25.9gw in the EU. "In terms of classification, the installed capacity of distributed PV in Europe will account for about 80%, mainly due to the high degree of overall Urbanization, relatively small plain area suitable for ground power stations, and more suitable application scenarios for roof distributed PV."
The capacity layout of photovoltaic manufacturing industry in Europe is less, and most products will be supplied by Chinese enterprises, which will further stimulate the demand for domestic products. It is suggested to pay attention to the overseas layout of photovoltaic industry chain.

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