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Advantages of Raytech Double-glass Modules with Flexible Mounting Installation

Release date:2020-12-30 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Advantages of Raytech Double-glass Modules with Flexible Mounting Installation:

l  Applicable for utility projects where site space is limited and usage rate needs to be optimized;

l  Overall installation cost is lowered, construction period is shortened;

l  Stress will be evenly distributed on the panel when loading is applied, guaranteeing a very low risk of microcracks;

The application of flexible mounting structure can increase the usage rate of space in utility-scale solar projects, and successfully solve the problems of traditional solar mounting system such as large horizontal span and easy to rust.

The flexible support can be freely erected in the upper, lower, left and right directions through the four installation methods of suspension, pulling, hanging and bracing, which can better improve the support mode of solar system with large span. Compared with the traditional steel frame structure scheme, the flexible solar support has the advantages of less consumption, small load bearing and low cost, which will greatly shorten the overall construction period. In addition, it has small pre-installation space and strong foundation requirement.

Raytech deeply realized in the implementation of the flexible mounting project that the flexible mounting structure system can adjust the best inclination angle according to different seasons due to saving the amount of steel, and has good heat dissipation performance, which can improve the power generation efficiency of the system. The support design is light, and the space utilization rate is increased. Raytech can the clients with more flexible solutions and improve the power generation performance.

What's more, the flexible photovoltaic bracket is organically matched with the latest photovoltaic modules and intelligent power generation equipment, which will improve the overall reliability of the power station, improve the safety performance, enhance the ability to adapt to the environment, enhance the replicability, and make it more convenient for popularization and application. This is also the reason why the flexible bracket has attracted much attention recently. Raytech is also in the forefront of the industry in the combination of double glass and flexible support.

Raytech focuses on the installation of double glass components, and makes in-depth research on the installation of double glass components. Through the flexible installation methods suitable for different scenes, the double glass components can play the greatest value, and make it in a leading position in the field of double glass.

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