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Netherland is Trying to Equip Large Trucks with Solar Panels

Release date:2020-12-30 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

In the next few weeks, dozens of large trucks with solar panels will be on the Netherlands road for testing to see if the panels will stably perform well on the moving trucks.

The Dutch Transport Authority responded enthusiastically to this, but also stressed that it was a small step towards environmental protection, as the sector's sustainability challenges were still great.

Martijn Ildiz of IM Performance, which develops solar panels for freight cars, said: "through the actual test of ‘Solar on Top’ project, we hope to solve the truck starting problem. When the trial phase is over, we really hope to be able to promote it from November

He said that the power generated by these solar panels is not used for driving, but provides the power used by drivers, such as for air conditioning, making coffee, watching TV or charging laptops. Now, diesel is usually used for this purpose and converted into electric energy, but it is not good for environmental protection.

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