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What Factors Affect Solar Power Generation?

Release date:2021-01-03 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

More and more people are installing household rooftop solar systems, but the power generated by the same installed capacity sometimes varies. So how can we effectively improve the power generation of your own rooftop system?

First of all, let's look at what factors affect solar power generation.

1. Light conditions: household solar power stations use solar energy to generate electricity. The better the natural light resources are, the greater the power generation capacity will be. In areas with the same light conditions, after preliminary measurement and design, the power generation capacity of the power station with the best inclination angle is significantly higher than that of the power station without preliminary measurement and design and with the best inclination angle.

2. Product quality:

    ① PV module quality. solar panels with good quality and high efficiency will naturally generate more electricity.

    ② Inverter quality. The inverter with good quality has high conversion efficiency and higher natural output power.

3. Installation quality: professional and reliable installation service can ensure that the installation is carried out in strict accordance with the best inclination angle of the panels, which will not damage the products, and will not cause potential construction hazards, so as to avoid follow-up safety problems such as electricity leakage, fire, lightning and so on. Unprofessional installation may damage the panels, and even lead to safety problems.

4. Daily operation and maintenance: dust, shelter, etc. will affect the efficiency of solar modules, therefore regular cleaning of the surface of solar modules is conducive to improving power generation.

5. After sales quality assurance: professional after-sales service can guarantee the service life of the power station, extend the income period and avoid worries.

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