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Meet Lyon|RAYTECH debuted at the French Renewable Energy Exhibition

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On March 21, 2023, BePOSITIVE, France's Lyon International Renewable Energy Exhibition (BePOSITIVE) was held as scheduled at the European Exhibition Center Eurexpo in Lyon. The exhibition is the most influential and innovative green energy exhibition in France, focusing on photovoltaics and electric energy. storage, energy solutions for industries and homes, and sustainable development. The participating brands has reached more than 300 in the show.



According to the lighting conditions in the southern part of France and the characteristics of strong demand in the photovoltaic market, Rytech brought a variety of high-efficiency and easy-to-install double-glass modules and portable energy storage power generation system products to this exhibition, helping the development of France's low-carbon strategy and energy transformation  .  At the same time, the products of Raytech has attracted extensive attention from customers and media at home and abroad, and attracted a lot of customers to come to consult and negotiate.


France is one of the most developed industrial countries, leading the world in nuclear power, aviation, aerospace and railways.  According to the annual "Global Photovoltaic Market Outlook" document released by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (SolarPower Europe), France has been ranked among the top 20 photovoltaic markets in the world for two consecutive years. The French solar photovoltaic market has huge potential in the future. It has been growing at a rate of 50%-100% in recent years, and the market has a good momentum of development.  The French Solar Energy Association stated that by 2023, the French photovoltaic market will reach an annual scale of 3GW.


Raytech has been deeply involved in the overseas photovoltaic market for many years. According to the needs of customers, we selected a variety of high-efficiency modules and solar energy storage power products to fully meet the needs of the French market for energy transformation.


Raytech Exhibited Products


1. At this exhibition, Raytech exhibited high-efficiency light-transmitting and easy-to-install double-glass modules. The design of lightweight double-glass + frame meets the dual requirements of light weight and large-scale stability, which is very suitable for the local "agriculture + photovoltaic" scene needs.



2. Portable energy storage power generation system products:

Raytech portable solar emergency charging product series can meet the emergency charging needs of a variety of household appliances, compatible with a large number, one is enough.

The round handle design conforms to ergonomics, and the handle part is treated with rubber coating, which makes it feel comfortable.  High-efficiency battery, folding design, portable and convenient.  At the same time, it is equipped with an adjustable bracket, and through angle adjustment, it can absorb sunlight to the greatest extent to achieve the best power generation effect.

The whole set of portable emergency charging pack has attracted many customers to stop and consult with its advantages of clean power, no noise, mobile portability, plug and play, intelligent control, multiple charging methods, multiple output ports, and safety and reliability.



Since its establishment, Raytech has always adhered to the customer value-centered and service-oriented corporate development concept, and has continued to provide high-quality photovoltaic products and comprehensive services to global customers. It has been widely recognized and trusted by many customers and partners around the world.


In the future, we will adhere to the principle of "pragmatic, inclusive, refined, and innovative" to inject green energy into overseas customers and accelerate the promotion of the global zero-carbon strategy.

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