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Low Carbon Green Future Raytech Attends Intersolar Mexico

Release date:2022-09-08 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

On September 6, 2022, the Mexican solar photovoltaic exhibition Intersolar Mexico was held as scheduled. The number of visitors reached 13,000, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 450. Focusing on the photovoltaic solar field salon, discussing the new concepts, new trends and development of the industry, the exhibition is so hot.


Raytech brought a variety of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and system solutions to the exhibition’s hot spot . Share the "carbon" photovoltaic road with the industry compatriots to help the development of green energy in Mexico.


According to Mexico's "2016-2030 Electric Power Development Plan", the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will increase from 1031.2MW in 2016 to 6890MW in 2030, and the Mexican market has huge potential. Mexico has excellent light conditions, and the annual solar radiation level is between 4.4kWh/m² and 6.3kWh/m², which provides a high-quality development soil for the expansion of the photovoltaic market. Abundant solar resources, high electricity prices, falling technology costs and increasing demand for resource diversification have made Mexico a dark horse in the PV market. The Mexican solar market is gaining momentum!


Raytech has been deeply involved in the American photovoltaic market for many years. This exhibition selects a variety of high-efficiency module products suitable for local conditions according to customer needs to fully meet the needs of the Mexican market for energy transformation.


Bifacial 182mm double-glass solar modules: double-sided power generation, power generation increased by 25%; solar cell half-cut technology, reducing power loss caused by shadow shading; equipped with MBB multi-busbar technology, higher power output; 1500V system design, low BOS Cost; annual degradation <0.5%, 30-year linear power warranty.



210mm large-size single-glass solar modules: solar cell half-cut technology in half, reducing output power loss caused by shadows, 210 large-size silicon wafers and multi-grid line technology, annual degradation <0.5%, 30-year linear power warranty, 5400Pa snow load, 2400Pa wind load, stable and reliable.



166mm P-type mono bifacial double-glass solar module: the backside generates 25% more power generation, and the lightweight double-glass + frame meets the dual requirements of light weight and large panel stability, making installation much safer;



45% light-transmitting solar modules: It can be flexibly customized according to the needs of the customer to meet the light needs of the specific installation conditions.



In the future, Raytech will seize opportunities, continue to optimize costs, focus on customer interests and values, continue to inject green momentum into overseas customers, and accelerate the progress of global carbon neutrality.

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