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Ignite SNEC 2023 | Raytech brings a variety of mainstream products to Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition

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On May 24, 2023,  the 16th SNEC PV Power Expo was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIECthis exhibition attracted more than 3,100 companies in 95 countries and regions around the world.

Raytech brings "All in one solar sun room", high-efficiency and flexible light transmittance double glass solar panels, all black Bifacial double glass solar panel, BIPV colored solar panels debut E1-570 booth. Raytech meet with the new energy Enterprises jointly explore the future trend of PV industries, bringing new PV products to customers. On the first day of the exhibition, Raytech booth attracted many professional exhibitors and valued customers globally to visit.

Highlights of the exhibition

1. Customized flexible light transmittance double glass solar panels

 Raytech double glass solar panels can be customized according to different application scenarios, such as Agri-PV, BIPV, Sunroom etc. The double glass solar panels with different sizes, glass thickness and transmittance from 10% to 60% all can  be customized by Raytech. This panel has won unanimous recognition of the visiting customers.


2. All black aesthetic double glass solar panels


With high-efficiency and high-reliability performance, it also has a high-standard appearance design and perfectly matches various building roofs. It is becoming the new favorite of overseas distributed roofs. Raytech all-black aesthetic  solar panels are not only reflected in the color and appearance but more importantly, they are applied well in the environment. When multiple rows of modules are installed on the same plane, they can present consistent all-black and The aesthetic effect and the perfect harmony with the building appearance and environment are well received by customers.



3.TOPCON double glass solar


Raytech TOPCON white grid double-glass solar panel at high efficiency are presented, with a power range of 560-580 watts. It can be widely used in ground power stations, water surface and other large power station projects. Ground power stations are mostly installed in deserts, Gobi, high mountains and barren slopes. The environmental characteristics of strong wind and sand and strong ultraviolet rays require higher reliability of solar panels.The excellent UV resistance, weather resistance, and wind and sand wear resistance of the double-glass module ensure the safe, efficient and stable power generation output of the module in the harsh environment. Double-glass modules are used in water surface power stations: double-glass modules have zero water permeability, which avoids adverse problems such as snail marks and PID, thereby reducing the power generation loss of the modules and improving power generation efficiency. In addition, the double-glass  solar panel has good resistance to acid, alkali and salt spray, which can ensure safe, efficient and stable power generation output of the module in high-humidity water, high-salt fog sea and other environments.



4. BIPV Colored Solar Panels




The fa?ade of the meeting room displays RAY BIPV modules, RAY Blue and RAY purple series. The colored  solar panels mainly used in construction, and can be used as "glass curtain wall" or as glazed roof tiles to meet the requirements of different architectural styles in different countries. At present, four color products have been developed and produced: RAY blue, RAY purple, RAY red and RAY black. As an element in the building structure, the photovoltaic system must not only consider the power generation effect, but also consider the structural safety. Raytechn BIPV products have CLASS A fire rating, and have good mechanical load.




Let's experience the hot popularity and wonderful moments of the booth on the first day!


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