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What are the differences between single-glass and double-glass solar modules?

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Single-glass Solar Module:

As the first layer of materials in the solar module structure, tempered glass can effectively protect the panel and solar cells against physical stress, snow, wind, dust and moisture etc, at the same time guaranteeing that the sunlight can go in. The backside is generally protected by an opaque sheet called the backsheet. The whole structure is held in place with an aluminum framing structure which provides strength against accidents and mishandlings during installation.

Raytech Double-glass Solar Module

Raytech Double-glass Solar Module:

For Raytech double-glass solar modules, there are two layers of tempered glasses covering on both sides of the solar panel. The benefits of replacing the opaque backsheet with glass outweigh its disadvantages: For a conventional solar panel, when the snow gets thick or people step on it (during installation), the solar cells will bend significantly, thus causing microcracks on the cells. Whereas for Raytech double-glass solar modules, with the increased strength brought by two layers of glass, a lot less deformation will happen in the solar cells, the possibility of microcracks formed on the solar cells will decrease significantly.

Furthermore, comparing to plastic backsheets (the back material of single-glass solar module) which are reactive, glass is non-reactive. This means that the whole structure of Raytech double-glass solar modules (two layers of glass and one layer of solar cells in the middle) are highly resistant to chemical reactions such as corrosion as a whole.

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