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Why Raytech bifacial solar module will generate more power?

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The front side of a Raytech bifacial solar panel’s solar cells is just like a regular single-sided solar cell, facing the sun with a calculated angle that can optimize the power output. This side of solar cells will absorb sunlight directly. The front side of bifacial panels are working with the same mechanism of a conventional single-sided solar panel.

The reason that Raytech bifacial solar modules will produce more power is because apart from the power generated from front side, the rear side of bifacial solar cells are also absorbing sunlight reflected from the ground to the rear side. In this way, although the front side of bifacial and single-sided solar module is rated at the same power rating, the rear side of bifacial solar cells are producing more power than the rated power.


For conventional single-sided solar cells, there will be less power output during cloudy days because a proportion of sunlight is diffused by the clouds, resulting in that less sunlight will directly arrive at the solar cells surface. Therefore, less power will be generated.

As for bifacial panels, because the rear side of solar cells can absorb the diffused sunlight, rear sides are even more productive with the sunlight diffusion.

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