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Raytech tells you, What will be the trendy products in the solar modules manufacturing industry in the next five years?

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For solar modules manufacturing industry, data from June through November 2019 revealed up to a 9% gain in energy production using bifacial panels compared with their single-sided conventional solar modules.

"The cells themselves are pretty much the same price," Chris Deline, NREL researcher and principal investigator on the study said. "You're going to a slightly more expensive package (almost negligible). You have to do something different on the backside—either glass or clear, transparent plastic. On the whole, it's going to be less than 10% more cost."

Considering the marginal cost of switching from single-sided solar modules to bifacial solar modules is almost negligible while the power output can be 5% to 25% more, therefore bifacial solar modules will definitely be a trendy product in the coming years.

As a 11-year experience double-glass modules manufacturer, Raytech will guarantee the finest quality-controlled and best cost-effective bifacial modules delivering to the customers.


We not only provide photovoltaic modules for commercial solar projects, but also provide Solar power solutions and other Solar PV Applications and Products. The application cases are all over the world and are well received by many customers.

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