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Achieve “zero“ breakthrough! Saudi module manufacturers export photovoltaic modules to the German market for the first time

Release date:2022-04-26 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

According to foreign media reports, desert technologies factory recently signed an agreement with meeco, a Swiss German joint venture, to export its photovoltaic modules to Germany and install several photovoltaic projects in rambussem.
The plant is the first plant in Saudi Arabia to manufacture and export photovoltaic modules. It belongs to desert Technologies Group, an industry-leading manufacturer of renewable energy solutions. After signing an agreement with meeco, it exports its photovoltaic modules to Germany.
The agreement was reached after desert technology successfully exported its products to Egypt, Jordan, North African countries, Greece and other countries at its factory in Jeddah industrial zone. In addition to providing photovoltaic modules for many projects in Saudi Arabia, the agreement is part of the strategy to enter the new market in continental Europe in the next stage. The plant began to produce photovoltaic modules in 2011 and has become the first and largest photovoltaic module production and export plant in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
Desert technology group said in a statement: "the signing of the agreement to provide photovoltaic modules for rambusem, Germany, will make the desert technology factory a leader in the German and European markets, and enhance the position of Saudi Arabia in the production and export of photovoltaic modules at the local, regional and international levels."
Majed al refaie, chief commercial officer of desert technology group, said that the signed agreement is part of the plant's international market expansion in the export field. This partnership enables them to enter the German market, which is more active in the field of photovoltaic and renewable energy.
He also said that the company is committed to achieving practical development in the international market, actively entering new markets, and increasing Saudi Arabia's exports of photovoltaic modules to Arab, African and European markets. He also pointed out that Saudi Arabia has more opportunities to export photovoltaic products to the European market.
He also said that desert Technology Group is the most advanced photovoltaic module manufacturer in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The high-quality and high-performance photovoltaic modules monitored by the Gulf Renewable Energy Laboratory (certified by ILAC and IECEE) are suitable for all commercial and residential projects.
The PV modules produced by desert technology factory are based on crystalline silicon, and its production line uses a fully automatic manufacturing process supported by the latest technical equipment from Germany, Switzerland and Finland to maximize productivity and ensure the production of high-quality products. These PV modules have successfully passed all design and safety certification requirements implemented by Saudi Arabia Dammam Bay renewable energy laboratory.
Al refai finally stressed that the strategy of desert technology plant is aimed at meeting the capabilities and objectives of Saudi vision 2030 and Saudi manufacturing plan, because the plant is one of the first plants to join the "made in Saudi Arabia" plan. The "made in Saudi Arabia" program is derived from Saudi Arabia's national industrial development and logistics plan (nidlp), which aims to stimulate the development of the country's industry, encourage consumers to buy local goods, develop and strengthen Saudi Arabia's export of non petroleum products to the global market, and support the chain and localization of key parts in the field of renewable energy.
He concluded: "we are proud that our factory is part of the national energy initiative. Our photovoltaic modules have been exported to many countries and regions in Arabia, Africa and Europe, and many strategic projects being implemented in Saudi Arabia will be the pride of Saudi Arabia's industry."

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