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Don't Forget Your Original Intent and Bring Light | Raytech Amazing and Shining Mexico Photovoltaic Exhibition

Release date:2023-09-07 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

On September 5th local time, the three-day 2023 Intersolar Mexico opened grandly at the Mexico International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is the largest and most authoritative solar photovoltaic exhibition in Mexico, providing a platform for professionals to promote business and expand business exchanges. It is also the best trading platform for Chinese solar photovoltaic enterprises to enter the Mexican and Latin American markets.

At this exhibition, Ruiyuan Tianke presented multiple unique products at booth 626, attracting a continuous stream of visitors. The exhibits exhibited by Ruiyuan Tianke at this exhibition mainly include: 45% transparent double glass components, Topcon grid double glass components, color BIPV series products, single glass components, and other high-efficiency products. They have the characteristics of high efficiency, low attenuation, and high power generation, and have received continuous attention and unanimous recognition from customers. The exhibits have also been frequently consulted by on-site visitors at this exhibition.


Let's first experience the lively exhibition scene together.


As one of the main products of Raytech, the transparent double glass component has attracted the attention of the on-site audience. This series of products, characterized by high temperature and humidity resistance, excellent heat dissipation performance, can not only achieve rooftop power generation, but also meet the photosynthesis needs of plants; At the same time, it can customize multiple light transmittance (10% -55%) to meet different crop growth scenarios with different light transmittance requirements, perfectly matching multiple complementary agricultural lighting solutions. In addition, double glass transparent components are widely used in car sheds and sunny roof projects, and are highly praised by customers for their differentiated products and versatile functions.


Mexico is located in the southern part of North America and has a tropical desert climate with high temperatures and little rain all year round. It is one of the countries in the world that receives the most solar radiation. Mexico has abundant sunshine resources and is a market with huge potential for photovoltaic development. Ruiyuan Tianke combines local sunshine conditions and market demand with TOPCON grid double glass components, which are widely used in large-scale power plant projects such as ground power plants and water surfaces. Ensure safe, efficient, and stable power generation output of components in harsh environments, thereby reducing power generation losses and improving power generation efficiency. To provide customers with efficient products and high-quality services, very suitable for the hot tropical environment of the Mexican region.

For a long time, Raytech has been focusing on product innovation and technological research and development. With the corporate philosophy of "user value as the center, cooperation and win-win oriented", we will bring high-quality products and services to more users. This exhibition will continue until September 7th local time. If you want to learn more about product information, please visit and guide new and old customers to Ningbo Ruiyuan Tianke booth 626.


Raytech holds the vision of "restoring the natural colors of golden sunlight" and contributes to promoting the diversified application of clean energy.

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