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Empowering Switzerland’s “Agri-PV” Project Raytech transparent double glass solar panels shine at the foot of the Alps

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Project name: Lubera AG/EW Buchs PV Greenhouse

Project size: 16,000 square meters, 24 acres of land

Project location: Switzerland

Project features: Integration of photovoltaic and agricultural greenhouses. Raytech's customized double glass solar panels match Insolight's exclusive design of special greenhouse integrated frames to make a seamless integration PV greenhouse.


Recently, a 16,000-square-meter agricultural and photovoltaic complementary project has been completed., which is a collaboration between Raytech's customized double-glass modules and Insolight's exclusively designed special frame for greenhouse. This project is the largest agricultural and photovoltaic complementary project that Insolight has done so far, and it is also the largest Agri-PV greenhouse in Switzerland so far.

 Raytech is the sole supplier of PV modules for the project. Insolight has precise and strict requirements for the design and layout of the PV modules, and different crops require the PV mdoules with different light transmittance. Raytech completed products production and delivery in strict accordance with customer’s requirements while ensuring quality and quantity. The project uses 6,645 pieces of Raytech double-glass PV modules and is expected to generate approximately 1.3 million kWh of electricity annually, inputting more green and clean energy into the Swiss power grid. In addition, the PV modules with different light transmittances also ensure the output of agricultural crops below, making this project a true Agri-PV project where you can not only enjoy the sustainable green electricity, but also enjoy high yields of high-quality vegetables and fruits.



What is the Agri-PV greenhouses?

It takes advantage of the pollution-free and zero-emission characteristics of solar photovoltaic power generation and organically combines it with high-tech agricultural greenhouses (including agricultural planting greenhouses and breeding greenhouses). Photovoltaic solar power generation devices are laid on part or all of the sunny side of the greenhouse. It has both power generation capacity and also provide a suitable growth environment for crops, edible fungi and livestock breeding, thereby creating better economic and social benefits.



Why choose Raytech?

Raytech has a professional team with around 15 years experience in double glass solar panels R&D and production. Raytech is a relaibel PV modules manufacturer with the high efficient before and after sales service, the reliable products quality, the stable supply chain management.



The light-transmitting double-glass PV modules produced by Raytech can flexibly customize the light transmittance according to customers' different application scenarios. It is resistant to high temperature and humidity and has excellent heat dissipation performance. It can not only generate electricity on the roof, but also meet the photosynthesis required by plants. At the same time, it can be customized with various light transmittance (10%-60%) to meet different light requirements.



At the same time, double-glass light-transmitting PV modules are also widely used in carport and sunroom or rooftop projects, and are well received by customers. At the foot of the beautiful Alps, the perfect combination of Raytech’s double-glass light-transmitting PV modules across mountains, rivers and seas with photovoltaic greenhouses has allowed us to see the benefits of agro-photovoltaic complementation and feel the fruitful results of the new model of Agri-PV complementation.


In the future, Raytech will continue to adhere to the corporate philosophy of "centered on user’s value and oriented on win-win cooperation", continue to play the role of innovative R&D capabilities, and bring more efficient and better comprehensive PV solutions to the global customers.



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