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What is the usage of Raytech double glass solar panels in sunroom?

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Raytech high-transparency solar modules can be installed as the roof materials. The double glass solar modules will allow some sunlight into the sunroom, which is a good field for the application of double glass modules. The double glass solar modules manufactured by Raytech have been recognized by many owners who need to install sunrooms in their yards. To meet the different requirements of customers, Raytech offers the double glass modules with different light transmittance and different sizes. So, what are the benefits of solar sunroom?



When the sunlight reaches the roof, an amount of of the sunlight is absorbed by the solar cells and converted into electric energy. Normally, the rest of the sunlight enters into the sunlight room. The solar modules will not only block the sunlight to make the sunroom cooler in summer, but also reduce the direct sunlight of ultraviolet rays, and provide electricity for our daily consumption. What's more, we will not only spend no money on electricity, but also make money in the future.

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