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The Nigerian Government to Spend 140 Billion Naira to Support Residential Solar Projects

Release date:2021-04-14 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

Nigeria's vice-president, Yemi Osinbaho, said the federal government's $140 billion Nigerian naira plan would support private developers in building solar-powered housing projects to power 5 million homes. The project will be funded by a private fund and paid for by the beneficiaries.

He said Nigeria should connect its 5m solar homes across the country, meaning 25m Nigerians would have electricity. Not only that, manufacturers, the people who assemble solar systems, the people who install them will have jobs, the people who maintain solar systems will have jobs, and there will be payment systems and services. There will also be work to maintain the payment system.

Power Minister Engr Sale Mamman also said at the launch that the plan, when fully implemented, would generate an additional 7 billion rand a year in taxes and replace $10 million in imports each year.

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