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Flaming Jinan Ruiyuan Tianke makes a wonderful debut in suce

Release date:2022-07-31 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

On July 23, 2022, if the heat wave hits, there will also be the 17th China (Jinan) international solar energy utilization conference, which is extremely popular every year. With the theme of "golden sunshine, clean energy, dual carbon leadership and green development", this "Solar Energy Exhibition" has attracted more than 500 new energy brand enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition, helping to achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality".


Although the epidemic situation was repeated, it could not stop the progress of photovoltaic people. Ruiyuan Tianke attended the meeting as scheduled. Ruiyuan Tianke built a semi open photovoltaic sunshine room on site, with six 45% light transmitting double glass modules on the roof, and 166mmn TOPCON double-sided and 166mm 10% light transmitting double-sided curtain walls on the side. This display method is conducive to the audience to 360 ° view the product details and ingeniously restore the height of the application scene. The panoramic display shows the load and light transmittance of the double glass modules.
01 word of mouth double glass high efficiency, weather resistance and low cost
At the exhibition site, Ruiyuan Tianke booth was crowded with new and old customers who went to the booth for business negotiations. This time, Ruiyuan Tianke's products are also quite bright spots, showing the latest and cutting-edge R & D and design achievements of Ruiyuan Tianke in an all-round way.
60 version single crystal n-type double-sided double glass: n-type battery has no light induced attenuation effect (LID), excellent weak light response, and higher power generation in weak light environment; Better temperature coefficient to increase the power generation of components; The power generation performance in the whole photovoltaic system has more obvious advantages than that of p-type module, which can minimize the cost of kwh; It also has advantages in annual power generation, which can achieve higher power generation output in the whole life cycle.
60 Version (120 half pieces) p-type single crystal double-sided: 25% additional power generation is generated at the back, and the halving technology reduces the power loss caused by shadow shading; Build multi main grid MBB technology for higher power output;
45% translucent double glass components: professional version design meets the needs of sunshine room, matching adhesive installation, with excellent translucent and waterproof performance; The frameless design reduces the accumulation of snow and ash, which is easy to clean and manage, and the operation and maintenance cost is low.
02 prefabricated sunshine room is lighter, faster and stronger
As a new building structure, photovoltaic sunshine house has many advantages, such as financial investment, beauty and practicality, energy conservation and environmental protection, thermal insulation and so on. In recent years, it has been widely used in rural courtyards, urban courtyards, building roofs, platform gardens, pavilions, car sheds and other multiple scenes.
In this exhibition, Ruiyuan Tianke launched prefabricated Photovoltaic Solar Housing products Compared with the reinforced concrete structure of the traditional photovoltaic solar room, it adopts the light steel keel structure, which has light weight, low cost, stability and reliability. Modular accessories leave the factory with short construction period and labor saving; Special house types are customized on demand.
03 interactive ceremony scene silhouette wonderful moment
Ruiyuan Tianke also prepared a wonderful Tiktok interactive game for this exhibition. If you are a Tiktok expert and you also want to get a free Xiaomi electric toothbrush, come to Ruiyuan Tianke booth 3bt117 to punch in and interact on site~
In the future, Ruiyuan Tianke will continue to ride the wind and waves, actively explore and customize the most cost-effective public praise products for customers in the whole life cycle of the industry, and bring more value-added and pleasant system solutions. Ruiyuan Tianke adheres to the enterprise development concept of taking customer value as the center and service as the guide, so that the golden sunshine can restore its natural color.

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