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Bloomberg: global PV installed capacity will increase by 30% in 2022

Release date:2022-08-03 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-
A few days ago, rob Barnett, a senior clean energy analyst at Bloomberg, predicted that the global PV installation will increase by 30% this year, and the demand will drive the global solar energy growth to a new height. The global PV installed capacity is close to 1tw, which is an impressive milestone on the road of energy transformation. This year, the PV installed capacity is expected to reach 250gw.
In 2022, China is expected to put about 108 GW of photovoltaic power into operation. China is the world's largest renewable energy investor, with 323 GW of photovoltaic power and 338 GW of wind power.
Renewable energy also hit a record high in the United States. In April, renewable energy power generation from solar and wind energy installations reached 28%. "The photovoltaic boom has just begun. For all companies involved in the solar supply chain, we do see this huge high-end growth prospect." Barnett said.
Climate goals are one of the hottest drivers of solar demand, but rob Barnett said that another force is accelerating demand in the short term - the greater driving force of clean energy demand, especially in Europe, is the rise in energy costs.
The cost of photovoltaic continues to decline, making it more competitive with oil. The price of oil soared after Russia invaded Ukraine. According to the module shipment report recently released by the energy information administration, the shipment of solar modules fell sharply in 20 years, from $4.88/w in 2000 to $0.34/w in 2021.
Barnett predicted that even if oil and natural gas prices cool, solar energy demand will maintain its momentum.

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