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Raytech shines at Brazil intersolar International Solar Energy Exhibition
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From August 23 to 25, 2022  the three-day intersolar South America - Sao Paulo International Solar Energy Expo has been held in Sao Paulo North Convention and Exhibition Center.


Most of Brazil is dominated by tropical climate, with high temperature and rain almost all the year round. High temperature and humidity, coastal salt spray corrosion and other harsh environments put forward very strict requirements for the reliability and environmental adaptability of the  solar panels. Many rigorous performance tests and environmental tests of Inmetro in Brazil have strongly proved that the double glass modules can be perfectly applied to the high-temperature and high humidity Brazilian geographical environment, meet the local BIPV curtain wall construction needs, and have received special attention from local exhibitors. In this exhibition,  Raytech is the only exhibitor who displayed double glass solar panels.


The exhibition Raytech displayed 4 main products four main products of the market:

Bifacial 182mm double glass PV module: double sided power generation, power generation increased by 25%; Half-cut technology reduces the power loss caused by shadow occlusion; Equipped with MBB multi main grid technology, higher power output; 1500V system design, low BOS cost; Attenuation < 0.5%, 30-year linear power warranty.


Two 210mm large-size single glass PV modules:half cut solar cell technology to reduce the output power loss caused by shadows, 210 large-size silicon wafer and multi grid line technology to achieve higher power output; Excellent resisitance to high temperature, high humidity, salt and alkali, ammonia, stable and reliable -5400pa snow load and 2400pa wind load.


Light transmittance double glass PV modules: professional design, 10%, 40%, 45% and other light transmittance can be flexibly customized according to the needs of the owner, meet the needs of the sunshine room, match the adhesive installation, and have excellent light transmitting and waterproof performance. Brazil is a large agricultural country, and contiguous farmland provides a good power station foundation for agricultural greenhouses. Raytech double glass production line has a complete range, which can produce double glass solar panels with different light transmittance such as full paving, 10%, 40% and 45%, flexibly meet the light transmission demand of agricultural greenhouses, and provide more possibilities for the investors of the power station.


Since its establishment, Raytech has always insisted on empowering enterprise development with innovation and casting brand value with quality. We continue to provide high-quality products and comprehensive services for global customers, and are widely recognized and trusted by many customers and partners around the world.

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