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Raytech shines at Xiamen PV& Storage EXPO, highlighting in the intelligent manufacturers of BIPV system!

Release date:2024-05-11 Source:Raytech Pageviews:-

From April 20 to 22, 2024 Xiamen International Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day exhibition brought together the elites of the photovoltaic energy storage industry to jointly display and exchange the latest development of solar technology and explore the infinite possibilities of the photovoltaic industry.


Raytech has a new position as "BIPV system manufacturer". The combination of green energy and the sense of science and technology booth design empowers Raytech solar products and makes Raytech the most popular exhibitor in the show. Raytech unveiled a number of innovative products, of which the 1:1 real scene restoration of prefabricated modular BIPV integrated assembly sunroom is particularly eye-catching, attracting many professional exhibitors and high-quality customers to visit and consult.



Around the BIPV (photovoltaic building integration) scenario, Raytech launched a new multi-scene integration solution. The solution perfectly integrates photovoltaic technology with the building, and can be widely used in the expansion of urban municipal application space projects and park construction, such as municipal transportation hub stations, old factory roof renovation, and energy-saving needs of new factories. It not only improves the beauty of the building, but also realizes the efficient use of energy and environmental protection and emission reduction. In terms of system integration and differentiated customization of BIPV products, Raytech has shown its strong technical strength and innovation ability, fully achieving integration, modularization, assembly, and customization. Modular installation, self-developed waterproof patent design, high level of safety performance from the bottom to solve customers' pain points.



Modular - dual structure layout, easy installation and maintenance. Non-destructive slot installation between the solar panels and the main water channel, other structures are perfectly simple and fast installation by the bite, interlocking installation mode, to meet the maximum 12-meter span installation.



Perfect waterproof performance - the exclusive design won the national patent, the guide water channel adopts the clamping type installation, to eliminate the potential water seepage.


3. Reliability - Certified by multiple tests and installation tests, heat insulation, heat preservation, water resistance. The roof bears pressure up to 0.7KN/m2 and can withstand typhoon 12 force. From the solution customization, system integration, service standardization, Raytech can also provide customized BIPV products according to the specific needs of customers to meet different scenarios and application needs.



In addition to the BIPV (photovoltaic building integration) scenario, Raytech also showcases innovative products such as customizable flexible light transmission double glass solar panels, TOPCON white grid double glass solar panels and colored BIPV solar panels , which have efficient and highly reliable performance at the same time, but also perfectly match a variety of building roofs and walls in appearance design, providing diverse choices for distributed.


During the exhibition, Raytech, with its deep system research and development strength and excellent product quality, stood out among many exhibitors and won the 2024 Best BIPV intelligent Manufacturer award. This honor is not only an affirmation of Raytech's technical strength and product quality, but also a recognition of its continuous innovation and outstanding contributions in the field of PV& Storage system.


Raytech has a high-quality research and development team that constantly explores new technologies and new materials to improve the performance and stability of products. At the same time, Raytech also attaches great importance to product quality control, from raw material procurement to production process, are carried out in strict accordance with high standards to ensure that every product can meet customer expectations.


Let us look forward to the next meeting to witness the brilliant future of PV industry! Raytechs next show is in Intersolar Europe Munich Germany from 19 June to 21 June, 2024.


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